All Your (Data)Base …

After failing to make CouchDB doing anything useful, and being completely unwilling to go back to 1974 I decided to go back and revisit my assumptions. Both of my current home projects are essentially attempts to treat real-world interactions as Routing Problems, but after doing some research, I decided that was one wheel I didn’t even want to attempt to reinvent (graph theory is not my specialty).

Somewhere along the way, I discovered what I really needed was a Graph Database. That led me to apparently the only significant implementation: Neo4j, an embedded Java graph database. But I’d rather juggle flaming porcupines than touch Java again … and thanks to JRuby and the neo4j gem, I don’t have to! Yay!

So if your problem domain is graph-like, you should definitely checkout neo4j, it’s looking like a seriously sweet storage solution.