Seattle.rb and GoRuCo Wisdom

Finally got around to attending the Seattle Ruby Brigade last night, although I feel a bit silly about forgetting to bring my laptop to “Hack Night”. Still, I had interesting conversations with Ryan Lonac about all things Ruby, with someone (a Jennifer) who could actually make use of MP3 validation if I added it to assert_valid_content, and with a couple of other cool people who’s names my brain was too feeble to retain.

Still working my way through the Ruby on Rails Podcast (up up to 2009 already!). It doesn’t help that I found the Rails Envy Podcast, which is another interesting time-sink. Along the way I also discovered video from GoRuCo 2008 and found the presentation from Giles Bowkett equal parts brilliant and hilarious.

Finally, I’ve refactored my resume to show of my Mad Ruby Skillz a bit more. If anyone out there knows anyone out there who’s looking for a Serious Ruby/Rails Geek, please pass it along and have them drop me a line.