Gainful Employment

After a luxurious three months of unemployment, I have once agained joined the ranks of the gainfully employed. As of Nov. 1 I have accepted a position as a C/C coder for Vigilos, Inc., who specializes in automated security systems (intrusion detection and access control).

I’ve now worked for Vigilos for 8 days, and so far I’m loving it. Management and the other coders are clueful and in no way pointy-haired. I’ve gotten positive reactions to all of my suggestions, which just means we have more good ideas than we have time to implement them. The codebase is fairly obselete (most the the technologies are over a generation old), so there’s lots of room to explore things like object recognition and tracking, Machine Learning, stereoopsis, and digital signatures. And one day I hope to get them to replace the ancient Java client with a real Ruby on Rails web UI.

While this means I’ll have more cash for toys and gear, I’ll also have less time for blogging, among other things. Also, you can expect that, at least for the foreseeable future, most of my blogging will be C related (at least until I can find opportunities to introduce Vigilos to Ruby). Stay tuned …